Take a Look at These Awesome Yoko Littner Cosplayers! (You NEED to See #11)

INCREDIBLE Gurren Lagann Yoko Cosplay (13 Beautiful Pictures!)

13 of the sexiest Yoko Cosplay on the internet in no particular order! Here we go!

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1. A sexy Yoko leaning against the wall

Starting the list off with an adorable Yoko cosplay!

Yoko-cosplay-X3-cosplay-33865366-375-500via fanpop.com

2. One of the most beautiful Yoko cosplays around!

If anything, this is the greatest Yoko cosplay around! Check her out!

Your Heart Will Melt Watching This Tiny Mikasa Battle a Titan

yoko_by_papertwilight-d5bca41via deviantart.com