Embrace the HD Quality of Anime on Blu Ray! (Best Anime Blu Ray Releases 2017)

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2. Your Lie in April


Distributor: Anime Limited
Release Date: 2017-02-27
Synopsis: Kosei Arima as a child dominated the music scene and became famous as well as resented among his fellow musicians. His mother was a cold-hearted and abusive instructor who forced his son to play his piano emotionlessly. After his mother’s death, Kosei Arima collapsed at a piano recital at the age of twelve. As a result, he is no longer interested in playing the piano, and his life becomes monotonous. After two years of not touching his piano, Kosei resigns to spending his time with his best friends, Tsubaki and Watari. However, a girl — Kaori Miyazono comes along and changes everything. Kaori, a free-spirited audacious violinist, whose playing reflects her wild personality, helps Kosei to go back to music and shows him that it should be mold breaking and free as opposed to the structured and rigid way that he was used to.


1. your name.


Distributor: Anime Limited
Release Date: 2017-10-30
Synopsis: The storyline in “Your name” anime is thought-provoking and touching. Two strangers — a Tokyo-based high school boy and a teenage girl from rural Japan realize that they can exchange bodies in their sleep after sharing a dream. Now they strive to find each other before running out of time, all while learning how it feels like to live as the other.

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