Neko Girls Galore! 10 Best Anime Cat Girls (#4 Is Just The CUTEST)

Cat girls unite!

Top 10 Anime Cat Girls (#6 Will MELT Your Heart!!)

Cat girls can be found in your favorite Japanese anime or manga and are commonly known as, “neko” (cat) or “nekomimi” (cat ears). With their soft ears and tails, cat girls captivate us with such grace and give us such a warm feeling that we are overwhelmed with cuteness.


The sheer thought of meeting a cat girl or getting to live with one is something I have always dreamed about. Is that a dream we all share or am I the only one? I live and breathe for them! Now let’s get our cat girl fix today with the best cat girls list on the internet!

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1. Petit Charat “Puchiko”


Character Summary: Our adorable little Puchiko is a quiet girl who doesn’t need much words to get her cuteness across, but when she does talk she ends her sentences with “nyu.” She remains calm in any situation, while her half-sister, Dejiko, and her friends panic, making her seem like the odd one. She is capable of shooting beams out of her eyes just like her sister, but unfortunately she can’t control it, causing disaster whenever it’s used.

2. Sanada


Character Summary: Miss Sanada, head maid for the Valhalla Royal Family, is a catgirl who came to the planet Earth in order to serve Princess Valkyrie. Sanada finds her princess to be the most adorable girl ever, giving out screams of excitement whenever she does something because of Princess Valkyrie’s child-like appearance. Sanada is quite the cook, making Princess Valkyrie and anyone else in the Royal Family lucky ones able to eat cooking from a cute cat girl maid.