Best Anime Fox/Kitsune Girls (#8 Has My HEART)

Fox Girls FTW!

Top 8 Anime Fox Girls (BEST Anime Kitsune Girls List)

If you haven’t done your homework by now, the Japanese word, “kitsune,” means fox. Throughout Japanese folklore, foxes are shown to be very wise and live on for many generations, while wielding powers that prove them to be quite the formidable being. You can find depictions of kitsune in anime as “Kemonomimi,” meaning “animal ears,” that contain characters shown as beautiful fox girls (bishojo) or kitsune depicted as handsome men (bishonen).

Though some deities in anime do not have a gender, we have compiled a list of 8 female fox/kitsune girls that will definitely ease your craving for them.

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Are you ready to be overwhelmed by cuteness and forced to make a new waifu decision? I hope you are because, with this list, you will need to brace yourselves.

1. Bonbori & Hozuki


Character Summary: Both these girls roll together as one and can often be found together clinging to someone they find interesting or someone they seem to have a fondness for. Bonbori and Hozuki are twin sisters that are always dressed the same and have the tendency to not listen to anyone but their own opinions and ideals. Beautiful yet very childish twins, they enjoy playing games like hide and seek, and also like to cause trouble among people by pretending to be one another.

2. Tamano


Character Summary: Contrary to the belief that all fox/kitsune girls need to be cute, Tamano is a very mature and voluptuous fox girl that can seduce any man with her seductiveness. The all-powerful Tamano-no-Mae, and manager of the hot springs hotel, Tama no Yu, blends in as a human with her black yukata and beautiful appearance. On occasion, or when her hot springs hotel business in the mountains isn’t doing so well, you can find her at the beach, working at the restaurant, Tama no Ya.