Best Anime Fox/Kitsune Girls (#8 Has My HEART)

Fox Girls FTW!

3. Tama


Character Summary: One of the Three Great Demons of Japan, Tama is known for impressive strength and her invulnerability to almost any weapon you can name. A stoic girl, she can transform from a young girl to a beautiful and bodacious woman and is very intelligent. If she is weakened, to regain her power, she needs to eat ayakashi, or yokai, supernatural creatures, that will replenish the nutrients she needs in order to commence battle. Though Tama tends to a show a much more cruel side of her personality, she can sometimes be quite compassionate towards others.

4. Zakuro


Character Summary: An erratic and bold half-demon girl, Zakuro, is the type to protect what means most to her, which includes her friends. She has some amazing fighting skills, wielding a cherry blossom tree branch that can turn into a dagger and be used for battle. Even though she is quite the fighter and born into a Godly family, she has yet to be able to control her divine power that she has in her arsenal. With her powers out of control and relying on her impressive fighting skills alone, Zakuro is aided by her companions, Susukihotaru, Hozuki, and Bonbori to assist her in battle.