Best Anime Fox/Kitsune Girls (#8 Has My HEART)

Fox Girls FTW!

5. Chizuru Minamoto


Character Summary: Although she may look like a normal high school girl, Chizuru Minamoto is indeed a 400-year-old fox spirit that is living in the human world to attract the attention of Kouta. With the capability of turning into her kitsune form, she can transform into a human by day and become an all-powerful kitsune by nightfall. Her abilities include, but are not limited to, releasing blue flames that her kitsune form allows her to control, and being able to use fusion with Kouta, giving her the means to set free her 5-tailed kitsune power.

6. Yukikaze Panettone


Character Summary: The pride of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad, Yukikaze Panettone is a formidable member who looks to her comrades as a family. Her respect goes out to the one she looks up to the most: Brioche, who she addresses with respect. With the ability to wield daggers, bows, and shuriken, Yukikaze uses her quick movements to take down her enemies and can stop even the strongest enemies in their tracks.