Best Anime Fox/Kitsune Girls (#8 Has My HEART)

Fox Girls FTW!

7. Koto – Yu yu Hakusho


Character Summary: Koto, Demon World’s mascot and commentator of the Dark Tournament, is a girl who’s love for ruthless battles knows no bounds. She is a cheerful and strong-willed girl who enjoys the sight of seeing fighters bloody, battered and engaged in vicious assaults on each other throughout the Dark Tournament. Though a hard worker and a girl who enjoys her job, she unknowingly works for villains that run the tournament from behind the scenes.

8. Susukihotaru


Character Summary: Susukihotaru, a half-demon worker for the Ministry of Spirit Affairs, is a sweet and adorable girl, who refrains from making any eye contact with humans. Her ability to feel the emotions of people or anything she touches makes her a unique half demon and half-spirit girl. Once she is partnered up with Riken, she opens up more to everyone and is not as afraid of humans as she once was.

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