Top 20 List of the Best Anime Gamer Girls (#15 Is My Favorite!)

Most of the time as avid anime fans we’re looking for those characters most similar to ourselves. Even more, we’re always looking for an ideal “waifu” — I mean, waifus are laifu after all, and what expresses that better than the “gamer girls” of anime.


Although I hate that term it’s a good way to describe those obsessive otaku in your favorite anime. They’re different from the rest of girls because their gaming obsession is worse than yours and they’re often pretty cute as well! That being said we present you with a list of 21 of the most iconic anime gamer girls there are!

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20 Girls That Are Otaku/Gamers in Anime (BEST Anime Gamer Girl List)

1. Cthuko


Character Summary: She’s an alien who takes the form of a slender, red-headed girl, who’s obsessed with Otaku culture and becomes a NEET after graduating high school. She has the power of fire and can control fireballs, heat, and even drones that fire lasers!

2. Kirino Kousaka


Character Summary: Kirino is a 14-year-old girl with quite the interesting taste in games. She has a cold, tsundere personality and often finds herself playing games with strong older brother/sister themes. Despite her love for these adult themed games, she states that she has no clue how exactly she began to like them but it is suggested that she has a brother complex herself.

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3. Akatsuki


Character Summary: Up until Shiro gave her an appearance change potion she used to play as a male character. Because of this she never used voice chat to speak with other players. Thankful that she could now be her real self Akatsuki feels necessary to repay him as his personal assassin and refers to him as “my Lord”.