13 Anime Similar to Blue Exorcist (Best Recommendations)

Blue flames not included!

Anime Like Ao No Exorcist (13 Similar Recommendations!!)

Nothing says getting warm like grabbing a blanket and watching anime (also Rin’s flames help too). Blue Exorcist is an anime focused on Rin Okumura, who just happens to be the son of Satan. He recently discovers this, and decides he wants to become an exorcist and defeat Satan. Everyone, hopefully, has heard of Blue Exorcist at some point in time. Seven years ago to last year when a second season was confirmed. If you’re like me, it just isn’t enough though. You liked/loved the story line, and want more. Fear not, as here is a list of anime similar to Blue Exorcist!


Now, let’s get this clear. This list isn’t going to be listing every single theme from Blue Exorcist. They are only similar based on some plot points, themes, etc. We don’t want a Blue Exorcist wannabe copy in here, do we?

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13. D.Gray-man


Synopsis: D.Gray-man follows Allen Walker, a fifteen-year-old who plans on becoming an exorcist. To stop Millenium Earl, who wants humanity dead, Allen joins the Black Order, an organization of exorcists. Their goal is to defeat Earl, which comes with the task of defeating Akumas. Allen has a cursed eye that gives him the ability to detect disguised Akuma, making him an irreplaceable member of the Order. He has to recover pieces of Innocence, which can be used to defeat Akuma. Let’s just say Earl won’t let things end easily.

Similarities: The main characters, Rin and Allen, both aim to be exorcists to defeat a greater evil. They are both cursed in a sense. Rin was cursed with being Satan’s son, and Allen was left with a cursed eye. With a similar story line, the characters aim to use their abilities for the greater good, no matter which obstacles stand in their way.

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12. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou


Synopsis: The story follows Akuto Sai, who just recently transferred to Constant Magic Academy. Before reaching the academy, he made a promise to himself, and his friend Junko Hattori, that they would make the world a better place. There’s just one little problem with that; he is destined to become the Demon King. Rumors spread quickly, and fear settles in among the students. Even his friend Junko hesitates getting close. Will Akuto be able to prove that he can be good, or will he never run from the red string of fate?

Similarities: Both Rin and Akuto were born into their fate of becoming the greatest evil. Their classmates are uneasy when they find out the horrible truth of the two, and they have to prove themselves that they are not evil.