13 Anime Similar to Blue Exorcist (Best Recommendations)

Blue flames not included!

11: K Project


Synopsis: Kings are those with incredible power, and can invite people to join their clan. Once in the clan, it is the King’s responsibility to protect them. One night, a video of a Red Clansman being murdered goes viral, the face looking strikingly similar to Yashiro Isana. This starts a manhunt for his head, not only from the Red Clan though. He runs into the infamous “Black Dog” Kurou Yatogami, and he has to prove his innocence to survive!

Similarities: Both Rin and Yashiro are unaware of their situation until it is either revealed or someone comes after them. Trying to prove their good will, and prove that they belong in the world. To do so, both of them seek out the help of their friends and allies.

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10. Parasyte


Synopsis: Worm like aliens have arrived on Earth, and infiltrates the human population. They enter humans normally either through their ears or noses, but one had trouble taking over Shinichi Izumi. He was wearing headphones when one tried entering his ears in his sleep, and ends up in his right hand instead. Both Shinichi and the parasite, Migi, were able to keep their own minds. Using this, they are thrown into survival. Shinichi wanted to fight the parasites, starting his and Migi’s quest of working together.

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Similarities: Both Rin and Shinichi are struggling with inner evils they never asked for, or had any control over. This forces them to keeping half of who they were a secret from everyone, rather than trying to receive help from friends or allies.