13 Anime Similar to Blue Exorcist (Best Recommendations)

Blue flames not included!

1. Tokyo Ghoul


Synopsis: In the world of Tokyo Ghoul there are humans, and then there are ghouls. Humans live in fear of the bloodthirsty monsters, but they don’t know who to trust. Ghouls are able to blend in, and live among the humans. The series follows Ken Kaneki, a student who happens to be a bookworm. He is attracted to Rize Kamishiro, who also happens to be a reader. Unfortunately for Kaneki, Rize turns out to be a ghoul, and his entire life changes. He manages to survive after undergoing surgery, but he now lives as a half-ghoul/half-human.

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Similarities: Rin and Kaneki started off living as ordinary humans, until their fate took a sharp turn. Rin finds out he is half demon, while Kaneki is attacked and becomes half-ghoul. Knowing they can’t live as both, they have to keep their demon/ghoul part a secret, or they could end up dead.

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