Awesome Anime Similar to Bungou Stray Dogs (12 Best Recommendations)

Stray Dogs is one of 2016’s anime gems and it hasn’t failed to impress me once, yet. Seriously — the action, plot, art, and animation are all top notch. If you’re here then you have your eyes on a few anime to watch, and what’s better than watching anime like Bungou Stray Dogs?

Below are 12 anime recommendations for series that are similar in some way or another to Stray Dogs. While you might not enjoy all of them to the same extent as Stray Dogs you’re definitely sure to find enjoyment out of a good handful of them. (:

Here Are 12 Anime Like Bungou Stray Dogs (Similar Recommendations)

1. Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Leonardo Watch possesses not only a good eye for photography, but two for, well, just about everything. The “All Seeing Eyes of God”, given to him by a mysterious being in exchange for his sister’s own eyesight lead him into the forsaken city Hellsalem’s Lot—formerly known as New York City, in search of answers and a cure. Being mistaken for another member, he joins the ranks of Libra, Hellsalem’s own crime fighting clean-up crew. Both anime feature two large factions consisting of a dynamic cast that collide, battling it out with over-the-top supernatural abilities to either maintain order or completely rule over it. You’ll have favorites from both sides!

2. Durarara!!

Synopsis/Plot Summary: There’s never a dull day in Ikebukuro, a commercial district in Tokyo, Japan. Featuring a cast you’ll want to know (and will get to know) more and more in-depth, many characters have their daily run-ins with each other and somehow always manage to yield chaos. Though among others as well (think stalker girlfriends, “back-alley” doctors, gang leaders, and even a motorcycle-riding Dullahan!), the series takes a primary focus on Mikado Ryugamine, a boy who moves to an already unstable Ikebukuro attend school with childhood friend Masaomi Kida. Everyone has their secrets. Both series dive into the history of other cast members, even taking on their perspective for an episode or two. Both also include warring factions in an everyday-life setting, and can throw many curveballs as you learn more about its cast.