6 Anime Similar to Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Best Recommendations)

Pure insanity!

4. Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Squid Girl)

Synopsis: If you’re looking for an anime with a large moral scale, intensely relevant and current topics of controversy, and a wonderful plot with developed characters, this might be the show for you. The show with the literal translation for “Squid Girl”, this show greatly surpasses its simplistic name. IkaMusume is displayed as the ironic main character who find her way to the surface of the sea world with revengeful intention and sinister thoughts doomed for the world of the “Air Breathers”. She teams up with Eiko and Chizuru Aizawa, sisters who only prove to push IkaMusume to work at the same seafood restaurant which serves as a great stage for many of their eventful adventures. She enters the scene intent on destroying humans at any cost, but when she is thrown into the world of human interaction, will she lose her plot for destruction and revenge? Or will she choose her newly found world that might not be as evil as she thought?
Similarities: More anthropomorphic anime girls! This adorable slice of life comedy will satisfy your need for moe!

3. Pita Ten

Synopsis: The tantalizing group of friend in this fantasy based show full of adventure, wonder, and creatively woven tales of 3 classmates and a mythical creature and their wonderful and complex life in a small town. This anime has captured the need of the small town dweller to explore and experience things beyond the inside if their town, but when these kids meet a friendly mythical creature, the ups and downs of protecting secrets, staying out of harm’s way, and trusting only in each other, this anime covers the important aspects and intricate stories and memories this unique group creates.

The Top 10 Boys Love Anime That'll Have You Sweating! (Best List)

The introductory character Kotaro was the average boy balancing school, parents, and friendships. Soon on he meets Misha, an outspoken, bold, and entrancing girl, who wanted to be Kotaro’s friend from what seemed out of nowhere. That’s when it is revealed that Misha is an apprentice angel with a dark side and a magnet for danger and complications. Including Kotaro’s classmates Takashi, Koboshi, and the opposite type of creature from Misha, named Shia, this crazy bunch of kids have a bunch epic adventures that make for an easy to follow and enjoyable story that will thrill the follower.
Similarities: Both main characters in these two anime live otherwise normal lives until otherworldly beings barge their way into their lives, making them anything but normal.