6 Anime Similar to Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Best Recommendations)

Pure insanity!

2. Mitsudomoe

Synopsis: This oldie but goodie coming to us from the summer of 2010, this show is a hilarious but slightly risk-aye comedy that focuses on the 3 bold, complicated, and mischievous 11-year-old Marui triplets. These girls find some creative and dramatic ways to terrorize their fresh out of university professor Yabe Satoshi. With no real job experience and handling some unique and unpredictable triplets, this rolling comedy is a wonderful joy to partake in.

To add to the epic anime this is, the character development of these 3 makes it ever better. The mature and rather dark and complex oldest sibling, Mitsuba, adds an interesting and unconventional character creation to the entertainment. The strong, athletic, borderline intimidating, middle sibling, Futaba, puts a character in front of the audience that is as strong minded and strong willed as she is physically strong. And the pivotal character, and youngest of the triplets, Hitoha, is a dramatic twist at the end of an already amazing cast that is the strongest and most complicated part of this anime you just can’t ignore.
Similarities: While not neccessarily including monster girls, or a harem of any sort, this anime is a classic comedy slice of life that isn’t afraid to make some naughty jokes of its own!

1. Non Non Biyori

Synopsis: This recently popularized anime show is the chronicle and everyday life of 5 young and adventurous children who live in a small country town. The life of these classmates entwine and tell a life filled tale of the small town adventures that are sure to bring back the flooding feeling of childhood nostalgia. This show consists of a 5 person group of childhood friends across an interesting span of ages that cause a domino effect of funny, enticing, simple, and joyful stories that entice and intrigue the audience’s mind while playfully showcasing the best aspects of life in a small town.

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Introducing characters across a range of ages, beginning with the youngest, but hardly easily forgotten, of the group first grader Renge Miyauchi. This character introduces a wit and curiosity far beyond a first-grade expectation. Then there is the quiet but understanding and gentle ninth grader Suguru Koshigaya, and his 2 younger siblings, quiet yet intriguing eighth grader Komari, and the reckless but entertaining seventh grader Natsumi. The newest addition is an outgoing Tokyo-raised city girl, HotaruIchijou, whose overdeveloped features and sassy attitude make the fascinating Hotaru Ichijou, the cherry on top of the entertaining group of 5 classmates who followers say won’t disappoint the audience.
Similarities: This anime has a similar style of comedy! Adorable air-headed girls included!

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