12 Marvelous Anime Like KonoSuba (Top Recommendations!)

7. Outbreak Company (Outbreak Company: Moeru Shinryakusha)

Episodes: 12
Synopsis/Plot Summary: Kanou Shinichi shuts himself off from the world and is branded an otaku and hikikomori by society. He takes pride in his knowledge and exquisite intuition about “Moe” and everything of the sort, which includes games, manga, figurines, anime and light novels. After a job interview, and coercion from his new boss, Shinichi is brought to this world to bring the culture of Moe to this new fantasy world. This tempts him to create a school in which it only teaches about the art of otaku. Unfortunately, this isn’t all fun and games for Shinichi. There are factors where Shinichi’s role is challenged and he is to defend this new world and his school of Moe. Both anime are parodies that send our unskillful protagonists to their parallel fantasy worlds. They are parodies of this specific genre and each have a unique approach to their audience. From the impressive voice acting of KonoSuba, to the comedic scenes and ingenious antics of Outbreak Company, these two go hand in hand. A definite must-watch if you want an anime like KonoSuba.

8. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash)

Episodes: 12
Synopsis/Plot Summary: A new world, Grimgar, in which a group of strangers are thrown into, with only knowledge of their name and some unclear memories. They must choose the special abilities, their guild, and the class that they would like to use to keep surviving within this world. Now, their only option is to join the Reserve Army to take down any threats made to their new home, Grimgar. Our main protagonists are not only stuck in a game world, but they are both trying to live through this ordeal and complete the task that they were given. Judging both anime, KonoSuba is  much more lighthearted, while Hai to Gensou no Grimgar, is a much more serious-toned anime, when it comes to this type of genre. Another feat from both anime is the superb voice acting done by each actor, which is why I this anime is highly recommended.