12 Marvelous Anime Like KonoSuba (Top Recommendations!)

9. Amagi Brilliant Park

Episodes: 13
Synopsis/Plot Summary: Seiya Kanie, a narcissistic new transfer high school student is “invited” by the gorgeous, Isuzu Sento, to go on a date with him to an amusement park, Amagi Brilliant Park. Not only was this not a date, it was a recruitment task to get Seiya to join as the new park’s manager. If they don’t reach the target amount of guests in the next three months, the park will be forced to close down and the land will be eventually re-developed. Amagi Brilliant Park piqued Seiya’s interest when he found out it was run by employees called Maple Landers, abnormal beings taking refuge in the human world, that get their energy from people having fun at the amusement park. The fate of Amagi Brilliant Park, rests on the shoulders of Seiya Kanie. Though KonoSuba holds the fantasy element much more closely, Amagi Brilliant Park has just the amount of fantasy and comedy to keep you entertained and watching.

10. Senyuu.

Episodes: 26
Synopsis/Plot Summary: After 1,000 years, the demon lord, who was sealed by the legendary warrior, Creasion, is finally released from his slumber, with demons flooding the world once more. Senyuu, is a hilarious adventure that follows an unusual duo of adventurers, the amateurish Alba Frühling, not very skilled, and the experienced Ross, a sadistic soldier, that take their time in defeating the demon lord, Rchimedes. Along their adventure, our adventurers are sidetracked by many bizarre folk and events that transpire around them. This hidden gem of an anime will make you genuinely laugh from start to finish. Both anime take place in a fantasy roleplaying adventure setting and introduces very interesting characters that will make you cry tears of laughter.