6 Anime Similar to Kuzu no Honkai (Best Recommendations)

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Anime Like Kuzu no Honkai (6 Similar Recommendations)

Kuzu no Honkai (クズの本懐) is already one of 2017’s highly rated anime — a mature romance themed one at that. It tells the story of two ‘lovers’ who, on the outside, seem like the perfect couple, however, in reality, they are very unhappy with each other. Scum’s Wish effectively explores the complex labyrinth of love and the stinging reality of what loneliness can result in.

Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish) Trailer

As usual, while the following anime aren’t carbon copies of Kuzu no Honkai (that would be boring, wouldn’t it?) they do share closely related themes and plot devices and are in no particular order. 🙂

6. Toradora

Synopsis: Ryuji Takasu, the epitome of misunderstood high school male. He has a soft heart and a love for housework but has an intense, intimidating face which has lead to some, unfortunately, mistaking him to be a delinquent. His character is indeed relatable in real-life and he presents a clear case of judging from the cover. Taiga Aisaka, anything but your stereotypical cute, fragile girl. Nicknamed the “Palmtop tiger” throughout the school, she is armed with a wooden katana and a feisty personality (gotta love the feisty ones, lucky that katana is made of wood.) The two cross paths one fateful day, and form an unlikely alliance when they discover that they both harbor crushes for the other’s best friends (ahh, love, the great force that brings us all together one way or another). Toradora follows their unlikely adventures as they attempt to win the affections of their crushes with each other’s help.
Similarities: Toradora has a very different atmosphere, and while having slight mature moments, is more of a rom-com. These both have main characters who others think are together but in actuality are interested in other people.

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5. White Album 2

Synopsis: Haruki Kitahara is an aspiring guitarist in his third year of college, but his light music club is on the verge of disbanding, crushing his dream of performing in the school’s music festival. This puts him on a tightrope as he his only dream could be facing its biggest challenge. Disheartened and exhausted, he begins to run through the chords of “White Album”, the first piece of real music he will ever play, and something magical happens. An angelic voice and mysterious piano begin to accompany his guitar, harmonizing with him perfectly. This performance marks the beginning for Haruki, and can only be described as monumental in stature. White Album 2 follows Haruki in his final semester, orchestrating it perfectly with beautiful music and complex, deep romance. It truly is a riveting watch from start to finish. Although it is titled White Album 2, it is considered a standalone story and is not directly tied to the previously titled White Album anime, and should be enjoyed on its own merits.
Similarities: These shows focus on realistically flawed characters who explore their emotions while at the same time experiencing the repercussions of their acts.