6 Anime Similar to Kuzu no Honkai (Best Recommendations)

You should watch these too!

2. Ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts)

Synopsis: Kimi Ga Nozomu Ein is centered around four friends, Takyuki Narumi, Mitsuiki Hayase, Haruka Suzumiya and Shinji Taira. Mitsuki only really befriended Takayuki on behalf of Haruka as she harbors a crush on Takayuki, but over time he, Takayuki and Takayuki’s best friend Shinji become the best of friends. One day, Haruka pulls together the courage to confess her love to Takayuki, and although he does not feel the same way, to spare her feelings (he doesn’t want to see her hurt, sweet in its own way) he agrees to go out with her. As the relationship progresses, incidents occur and they become intimate, discovering their developing feelings for one another. Sadly, tragedy strikes, changing everything for these four friends in a way that guarantees nothing will ever be the same again. It is a non-stop and suspenseful drama played out perfectly over its 14 episodes, blending the worlds of drama and anime beautifully.
Similarities: Both are a mature genre of romance anime — not witnessed too often in today’s anime scene.


1. Nana

Synopsis: Nana follows two young women of the same name, Nana Komatsu, and Nana Osaki. Komatsu is a 20-year-old girl, helpless and naïve, quick to fall in love and desperately clingy to those around her. She dreams of one day leaving her provincial roots behind her some day and finding her true place in life but ends up traveling to Tokyo to chase her boyfriend Shouji. Osaki, on the other hand, is an enigmatic, proud punk rock vocalist with a burning desire to be a professional singer. Leaving her career with a popular punk band (and subsequently her passionate affair with one of the band’s members… who would have thought…) behind her, she hops on a train destined for Tokyo to follow her dream. The same train Nana Komatsu had boarded. On the journey, fate brings the girls together, setting off a chain of events which flows through to them eventually sharing an apartment together and becoming deeply intertwined in each other’s lives. As the friendship grows, they try to support each other no matter what and embark on an adventure filled with music, romance, and heartbreaks which will eventually challenge their seemingly untouchable friendship.
Similarities: Once again, both Kuzu no Honkai and Nana take a realistic and mature approach to relationships and have characters with noticeable flaws.

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