6 Anime Similar to Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil (Best Recommendations)

Crazy is as crazy does.

4. Drifters

Synopsis: When mortally wounded in battle, Li Naomasa finds himself transported to an almost limbo-like environment where he meets up with other warriors who like him were mortally injured in “righteous” battles and have now found themselves here labeled as “Drifters.” Li learns that there is a war being waged between humanity and  a darker species known simply as “Ends.” The Ends wish to eradicate humankind and take over the world, and it is the Drifters’ jobs to protect humans and the world from being overrun. But before they can defeat the Ends the Drifters must unite amongst themselves or all will perish.

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Similarities: Both main characters end up in a similar alternate world against their will and are made to fight a war of sorts.


3. Luger Code 1951

Synopsis: In a fantasy world where humans and werewolves are at war there lives a young boy named Testa Lielbelle. Testa is a 17-year-old genius with a specialty in linguistics. Because of his many gifts, Testa is recommended by his senior linguist to work with the Allies Cryptanalysis Department where he is tasked to break a code used by enemy werewolves. Unfortunately, the code is impossible to break as it only consists of wolf howls. Testa is determined to capture an enemy werewolf and force them to reveal the secret behind the code. But once Testa finds one will he be able to resist her, especially once he learns that he may not be fighting for the right side.

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Similarities: Both take place in an alternate European World War setting, one with a fantasy background and supernatural twist. In the two works, both protagonists are key pieces for the victory of their respective factions.