Check Out These 8 Anime Like Yuri On Ice! (You’ll Love Them!)

6. Days

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Days follows two boys, Tsukushi Tsukamoto and Jin Kazama – two complete opposites! Tsukushi has pretty much no skill or talent, but Jin is an extremely gifted soccer player albeit lonely. The two boys meet and the rest is history. A touching yet hot-blooded story is about to unfold as these boys who have nothing in common come together and get dragged into the world of soccer! Tsukushi’s no quit attitude and fighting spirit is similar to Yuri’s intense determination. 

5. Prince of Stride: Alternative

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Stride is a very extreme form of a relay race through entire towns! Schools throughout Japan have teams that compete against one another in order to win eastern Japan’s top Stride competition, “End of Summer”. Stride tells the story of Takeru Fujiwara and Nana Sakurai’s attempts to not only restart their recently shut down Stride club, but to get together a strong team and wipe the competition to win the “End of Summer”! Not only are both shows sports anime with really good looking guys but the art and animation are top-notch.