Check Out These 8 Anime Like Yuri On Ice! (You’ll Love Them!)

4. Love Stage!!

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Izumi Sena couldn’t have asked for a luckier position in life! His father and older brothers are famous singers and his mother is a renown artist! He was born into a family of very talented entertainers but regardless of his family history, Izumi doesn’t want to become a star. Izumi is an otaku whose dreams are to become a manga illustrator! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he’s destined for it because before he knows it he’s already dragged into the spotlight. Izumi isn’t only pulled into show business, but he’s also forced to pretend to be a girl! To make things even more complex, on the set of the commercial taping handsome star, Ryouma Ichijou falls head over heels with the “girl” Izumi! Ryouma is totally unaware he’s actually falling for a guy but will Izumi tell him this? Though these shows have different themes and settings the character archetype similarities are there. A more charismatic guy falls for someone with lower self-esteem, both shows include a famous or established individual aiding a novice or less skilled individual, along with comedic elements. And oh yeah – the BL is definitely there.

3. No. 6

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Sion, an intelligent and highly educated individual lives as an elite resident within the walls of the city-state, No. 6. These utopian societies were formed many years ago as a result of mankind taking shelter in them at the end of a bloody world war. Sion’s comfortable existence quickly comes to a halt when he meets an escaped convict, Nezumi. Because he keeps him safe for a period of time, Sion, as a result, loses his status and is forced to live in the lower town as a normal citizen. Four years later after their life-altering first meeting, Sion and Nezumi are brought together once again by fate. The former elite and boy on the run are about to take part in a dangerous conspiracy that leaves a trail of bodies in its wake. Is No. 6 really the utopia it portrays itself as? Yuri on Ice and No. 6 are totally different genres however both shows display LGBT relationships in a positive and realistic light. Both relationships grow to become very healthy and supportive.