These Anime Are Really Similar to Akame Ga Kill! (#4 Is One of My Favorites!)

11. Berserk

anime-like-akame-ga-kill-Berserk How Many Episodes: 25
Synopsis: Our MC known as Guts was born from his mother’s corpse and is a young mercenary. The battlefield is his only means for survival and he puts his life on the line making just enough to get by as he goes from one job to the next. He has a run in with a troop of powerful mercenaries known as the Band of the Hawk and his recruited by Griffith, their leader. Quickly climbing the ranks in order to become the head of the offensive faction, Guts proves that he is more than qualified to be apart of Griffith’s force. However, over time he realizes that the world is much more than just black and white and he deals with struggling to find his own path while supporting another’s lust for power. Both series have lots of blood and gore along with big a** swords!
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12. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

anime-like-akame-ga-kill-Magi-The-Labyrinth-of-Magic How Many Episodes: 25
Synopsis: Around the world there are many elaborate “Dungeons” with incredible treasure within. These dungeons are the work of the Magi, rare magicians who help others build empires by guiding them to these dungeons. Whoever conquers the dungeons are granted powers by overseers called “Djinn”, choosing them as potential candidates to rule the world. Our MC, Aladdin is a kind and young magician who had previously spent his life in isolation. He is finally ready and eager to explore the world leaving his home behind. He soon becomes friends with Alibaba Saluja after practically destroying a merchant’s supply cart. They suggest that in order to pay for the damages they take on the nearest dungeon, initiating the first step in their epic adventure that will ultimately decide the fate of the world itself. AGK and Magi share quite a few similarities, the character goals to erase corruption, Teigu users and Djinn users, moral conflicts, and an evil mastermind.
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