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Born way back in 2005, A-1 Studios was founded by ex-Sunrise producer Mikihiro Iwata and since then the studio has come to produce many of the anime we’ve now come to know and love for better or for worse. Today’s list will incorporate the greatest of the great, the Aniplex subsidiary’s (A-1 Pictures) best works! With iconic titles such as Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail under their belts, this studio is definitely no lightweight when it comes to producing anime series.

Most if not all of these series are definitely worth the watch and if you’re not a hardcore anime watcher then you should at least give the top 10 a shot!

The Best NEET Anime List (Top 12 Recommendations)

20. Working!! (Wagnaria!!)

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Working!! is a slice of life following a very interesting cast of characters who work at a Hokkaido based restaurant. Every day is a new adventure working with a sadistic sous chef, a pint sized older co-worker, a lazy manager, a waitress who beats up men at the first sight, the katana-wielding floor chief, an extremely intimidating head chef, and oh let’s not forget about our main character who has an extremely unusual fetish for anything extremely small and cute looking (yes, even bugs).

19. Sword Art Online

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Sword Art Online follows our main character Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya into the virtual world of Aincrad. Luckily he is one of the few testers of the virtual MMORPG however unbeknownst to him a turn of event happens in which him and the 10,000 other players cannot log out of the game. He must now fight for survival in this virtual world where even death in-game means a permanent rest in real life.

18. Tsuritama

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Yuki Sanada is an introvert who finds it hard to socially interact with others. He lives with his grandmother and moves around a lot so he usually isn’t able to maintain very lasting relationships. This all changes when he moves to Enoshima and meets an interesting characters by the name of Haru (he says he’s an alien). These two manage to entangle another classmate into their grasps. What exactly lies ahead for all three of them?