Top 20 Best Netflix Anime in 2017 (#13 is BINGE-WORTHY!)

No one can deny that the anime section is growing on Netflix. A plus is they’re not all mainstream series that have never-ending episodes. There’s a mixture of old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, so why not check these 20 anime shows on Netflix for 2017?

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Believe me, you won’t be disappointed! Then Netflix can recommend more anime as they’re added, you watch them, and repeat the cycle. Also! If you haven’t checked out our Best Hulu Anime of 2017 we highly suggest that you do! 🙂

BEST Anime On Netflix for 2017!! (Top 20 Good Shows to Watch)

20. Aldnoah.Zero


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Life is calm as the Martians and Terrans are living their everyday life. The princess of Mars, Asseylum Vers Allusia, visited Earth to encourage peace between the two planets. That vision was shattered when Inaho Kaizuka witnessed the assassination of the princess. The fragile peace was broken and war breaks out between Mars and Earth. Inaho, along with his friends, must fight in the war and settle it once for all. Will they success, or will the Earth be destroyed like the moon?


19. Ajin: Demi-Human


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Upon the discovery of immortal humans called “Ajin” in Africa 17 years ago, mankind’s fear of their power has pushed them to search and arrest any found within society. The story revolves around Kei Nagai, average high schooler who turns out to be not-so-average when he survives a “fatal” accident and is revealed to be an Ajin himself. Prepare to uncover the mystery behind the Ajin as Kei’s thrilling new life on the run throws him into encounters with old friends, family, and fellow Ajin that are closer than he thought.