Top 20 Best Netflix Anime in 2017 (#13 is BINGE-WORTHY!)

12. Durarara!! (x2 Shou/Ten/Ketsu)


Synopsis/Plot Summary: There’s never a dull day in Ikebukuro, a commercial district in Tokyo, Japan. Featuring a cast you’ll want to know (and will get to know) more and more in-depth, many characters have their daily run-ins with each other and somehow always manage to yield chaos. Though among others as well (think stalker girlfriends, “back-alley” doctors, gang leaders, and even a motorcycle-riding Dullahan!), the series takes a primary focus on Mikado Ryugamine, a boy who moves to an already unstable Ikebukuro attend school with childhood friend Masaomi Kida. Everyone has their secrets.


11. Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)


Synopsis/Plot Summary: The Holy Knights of Britannia wield immensely powerful magic in order to protect its kingdoms. Legend tells of seven knights who fought against their own in the Kingdom of Liones in an attempt to overthrow its ruler. Though failing in their mission they were not killed, and ten years later, the Holy Knights that once defended Liones have overthrown the kingdom. Elizabeth, the third princess of Liones now seeks to take back her kingdom in a quest for justice but must first seek out those knights dubbed the “Seven Deadly Sins”.