Top 20 Best Netflix Anime in 2017 (#13 is BINGE-WORTHY!)

6. Nana


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Nana Osaki is an independent punk rock vocalists from a rural hometown who desires to become a professional singer. Leaving behind her band and initial career (along with her romantic relationship with one of its former members), she ventures to Tokyo. The exact opposite, Nana Komatsu simply travels to Tokyo as she chases her current boyfriend Shouji Endo, hoping to find her true calling in the city though she is dependent by nature. Fate brings them together during their journey to Tokyo as they board the same train and eventually results in them sharing an apartment together. The story of Nana follows the bond between two girls who share the same given name as they support each other through their lives filled with romance, heartbreak, and not to mention music.


5. Fate/Zero


Synopsis/Plot Summary: King Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot! Wait, wrong storyline, but one connection: the Holy Grail. An artifact that can grant any wish, and only given to one who survives the war. Seven participants, seven familiars, fighting to the death for their one wish to be granted. Kiritsugu Emiya is one of the participants, hired by the Einzbern family, with his familiar, Saber. Will Kiritsugu be able to win? Will this fourth war for the Holy Grail have a victor, or will there be only death in its wake?