Top 20 Best Netflix Anime in 2017 (#13 is BINGE-WORTHY!)

4. Death Note


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Life is boring as every day it repeats: go to school, study, eat, sleep. One day, this cycle breaks as Light Yagami witnesses a notebook fall from the sky. He went to investigate out of curiosity and ended up finding a Death Note. A notebook with rules on how to kill someone by writing their name. The owner of the notebook arrives and lurks around for some entertainment. Wanting to make the world free of criminals, will Light be able to kill them all without the famous detective, L, finding him?


3. Gurren Lagann


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Gurren Lagann tells an epic tale of the true, boundless power of humanity, and how anyone with enough spirit can rise to the top (and even higher!) Born and raised in the underground Jeeha Village, Simon and Kamina are two orphans who work to preserve a sheltered life hidden from the surface. Constantly living in fear of the village one day collapsing on itself, Kamina seeks to make a name for himself on the surface (while also searching for his father who left him behind) while Simon who is younger and timider, has no real dreams other than living out his daily life. Fate brings the two (and a miss Yoko Littner) on a grand adventure together when they defend Jeeha Village from an attack by “Beastmen” from the surface that pilot powerful robots known as “Gunmen”. With the strength of their spirits and even their own Gunman, the three lead a new life on the surface and show just how far mankind can go.