The 8 Cutest Bento Boxes to Buy (Best Bento Boxes)

Woo! 8 Awesome Bento Boxes to Get!

That’s right – Bento Boxes aren’t only an ‘Anime thing’ they are pretty darn popular and very useful in real life as well. Different kinds of bento boxes have quite a wide variety to them. From smaller ones for kids and babies, to bigger, plastic, microwavable boxes, and finally the more sophisticated (and all the more expensive – yikes!) wodden bento boxes – like the one you see on this article thumbnail. Fancy, right?! Fortunately for you if you were looking for cute or useful bento boxes to get your hands on we’ve outlined 8 that are sure to satisfy your sudden bento needs!

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1. This One Is Pretty Straightforward but It Has Everything You Need! (It’s My Favorite)


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2. Yay! Adorable owls are adorable!


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