The Top 10 Boys Love Anime That’ll Have You Sweating! (Best List)

Unleash your inner Fujoshi!

3. The Tyrant Falls in Love

Synopsis: Morinaga Tetsuhiro is a graduate student majoring in agricultural science. He has been in love with his sensei, Tatsumi Souichi for about four years. There’s just one small problem about this: Tatsumi Souichi is a big homophobe (along with his wonderful violent personality). Morinaga wishes to tell Tatsumi his feelings, but the odds are against him in every way.

4. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Synopsis: Ritsu Onodera left his father’s publishing company (to show that he doesn’t need his parent’s influence to succeed), and got a new job as an editor at Marukawa Publishing. Unfortunately, he wasn’t placed in the literature department. They gave him a job as an editor for the shoujo manga division. It wasn’t going to be easy as his boss, Masamune Takano, has a bossy personality, and sets strict deadlines. It gets worse when Ritsu puts two and two together, and figures out Masamune is his high school love (his first, and as he puts it, his last)! This part of the anime is known as The Case of Ritsu Onodera.

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Another part of the anime is The Case of Chiaki Yoshino, which follows manga artist, Chiako Yoshino, and the relationship he has with his editor, Yoshiyuki Hatori. There’s complications in their relationship, especially Chiaki’s friend, Yuu Yanase, joins in on the action. A love triangle forms, relationships are put to the test in these episodes!

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There is also The Case of Shouta Kisa. Shouta is a manga editor from Marukawa. These episodes focus on the relationship growing between Shouta and Kou Yukina, a bookstore employee who happens to be a fan of the pieces Shouta was in charge of editing.