The Top 10 Boys Love Anime That’ll Have You Sweating! (Best List)

Unleash your inner Fujoshi!

5. Sukisho

Synopsis: Sora Hashiba is a high school student trying to live an ordinary life. Hard to do when he fell from a fourth story window, resulting in him losing his memory. When returning to school he is rooming with Sunao Fujimori, his childhood friend, who told him that his name was Ran. Both Sora and Sunao have split personalities who are in love with each other. The two aren’t happy with what happens at night, but they slowly start developing feelings for each other. Sora’s quest of regaining his memories has begun, starting with his youth (got to find out where the split personality came from, after all).

6. Okane Ga Nai

Synopsis: Ayase Yukiya is a kind hearted university student. The only remaining family he has left is his cousin, Tetsuo Ishi. Tetsuo is basically the one guy who builds up his debt until it crumbles on top of him. Tetsuo sells Ayase to the highest bidder in hopes of paying off his debt. Ayase is bought by Kanou Somuku (for 1.2 billion), who was helped by Ayase in the past. Ayase doesn’t remember him and is curious why a stranger would save him. Kanou wants to keep Ayase close to him and does so by demanding the billion he spent be paid in full. Since Ayase is a student, Kanou suggests that he sells his body to him for 500,000 each time. At first, Ayase is scared, but their relationship slowly develops, and no amount of money can separate the two.