The Top 10 Boys Love Anime That’ll Have You Sweating! (Best List)

Unleash your inner Fujoshi!

7. Tight Rope

Synopsis: Naoki Satoya and Ryuunosuke Oohara are childhood friends, and Ryuu is head over heels in love with Naoki. Ryuu is supposed to take over the yakuza one day but is unsure if he wants to be the boss. Tight Rope follows the story of these two friends as their relationship develops, especially if enemy yakuza targets Ryuu, and sometimes kidnapping Naoki.

8. Dramatical Murder

Synopsis: Aoba Seragaki just wants to live a peaceful life working at Junk Shop Heibon. He doesn’t want to get into any gang turf wars, known as Rib, or a virtual fighting game known as Rhyme. As long as he is able to live peacefully with his grandmother and his All-Mate, Ren, then he was fine with his current life. One day Aoba is dragged into a dangerous Rhyme game and learns about Rib members disappearing, destroying his chances of a normal life.