The Top 10 Boys Love Anime That’ll Have You Sweating! (Best List)

Unleash your inner Fujoshi!

9. Hey, Class President!

Synopsis: Chiga Yasuhiro takes it upon himself to keep the student council president, Kokusai Yuuzou, out of trouble (perverts tend to be attracted to Kokusai). Chiga is finding this to become more difficult as he starts to fall for him. He questions how he can possibly fall for someone so simple and gullible, but Kokusai’s strength and power capture Chiga’s feelings.

10. Maiden Rose

Synopsis: Klaus von Wolfstadt is a knight who serves under the commander, Taki Reizen. Klaus is from an enemy country but has sworn his loyalty to Taki. Klaus is shown only caring for Taki and only listens to orders given by him. As much as Taki is interested in Klaus, their relationship is forbidden. How far will their relationship go as the violence increases, and other soldiers suspect Klaus of treason?