Josei Anime Fans Rejoice! Here Are the Top 16 Best Josei Anime Recommendations!

Let’s face it – the majority of anime is usually by older males for younger males. While this isn’t inherently a bad thing it does leave the older audience (of women, specifically) feeling just a bit left out. If you’ve ever heard of Seinen anime and manga then today you’re about to learn about the total opposite: the Josei genre of anime and manga.

While Seinen is aimed towards older men (teens to young adults) the Josei genre is aimed towards women of an older, more mature teen to adult demographic. While this genre isn’t the most popular there are some excellent works falling under this very umbrella. This article covers the top 16 (highest rated according to viewers) Josei anime series; and while primarily aimed towards older women, anyone is obviously able to watch and easily enjoy these works because they are just that great. It’s definitely worth your time, man or woman, to check some of these out. (:

Highly Acclaimed Josei Anime List (16 BEST Josei Anime)

16. 07-Ghost

Number of Episodes: 25
Synopsis/Plot Summary: Teito Klein has absolutely no recollection of his past and being a former slave in addition to his rare power to harness an ability called Zaiphon has him ridiculed by his peers. The one person who has his back is his best friend Mikage, the only one he can connect with. After Teito sees and remembers the man who took his father’s life, Teito tries to kill him by soon finds himself on the run from the military’s might. With evil beings known as Kor after his very soul, the empire on his tail, and the legendary Seven Ghosts protecting him he must recover the memories of his past before he ends up as a sacrifice for the God of Death.

15. Ristorante Paradiso

Number of Episodes: 11
Synopsis/Plot Summary: Nicoletta is a 21-year-old young lady who has arrived in Rome in order to meet her distant mother’s husband who owns Casetta dell’orso, a small yet popular restaurant. Her initial goal was to inform him of a secret her mother desperately wants to keep quiet, but before she knows it; Nicoletta is introduced to one of the waiters, an older man, Claudio. Before long her original plans have been more or less swept under the rug and she begins working as an apprentice chef. Can Nicoletta overcome the difference in age as she is taken away by the sweet romance of Italian life?

14. Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Number of Episodes: 11
Synopsis/Plot Summary: Hazuki is a 22-year-old guy who lives a pretty boring life in an apartment, surrounded by plants. Hazuki personally couldn’t care less about these plants, however, the best part of the day for him is buying them for an older widow named Rokka who runs a flower shop nearby. In an attempt at spending more time with her he eagerly accepts a position working part-time in her shop but after months he has gotten absolutely nowhere. Coming into the picture is the ghost of Rokka’s dead husband – haunting the shop and preventing potential suitors from getting to his wife. Regardless of this unexpected problem, Hazuki keeps trying to sweep the older Rokka off her feet and freeing her from the ghost of her past.