Listen and Relax! Here Are the Top 10 Best Music Anime! (#2 Is GLORIOUS!)

Music to my ears!

Fans of anime and music rejoice! From classical to punk rock, and even jazz to house. Music plays a massive role in anime, regardless of the genre. However, for those that are looking for anime that center around music itself (and all the fun, triumphs and even hardships that come with it), look no further than our top music anime recommendations right here!
We totally understand everyone has their own musical preferences, and we aim to please. The best part–every single selection isn’t just about music, as there are plenty of sub-genres mixed in to keep things fresh. So! Whatever you’re into, our list of the top 10 music anime (at least in our ears) will have something for you to enjoy, movies and series alike!

Rock Out! Here Are the 10 BEST Music Anime Ever! (#4 Is a MUST Watch!)

10. K-On!

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Hirasawa Yui enters high school without a care in the world until she comes across a poster to join the “Light Music Club” and is instantly inspired. She signs up without a moment’s notice, only to end up shamefully explaining to the club members that she can’t actually play an instrument. Her enthusiasm allows her to stay, however (along with the fact that without another member, the club is faced with the threat of disbanding), and she becomes the Light Music Club’s new guitarist! With the help of her new friends and fellow members Ritsu, Mio, and Tsumugi (who has just the cutest eyebrows), Yui learns to play and indulge in a passion like never before. With the upcoming school festival marking the club’s debut, will they be able to get her up to par in time?

9. Piano no Mori: The Perfect World of Kai

Synopsis/Plot Summary: Since he was young, Amamiya Shuuhei has been taught to play piano, having taken strict lessons that have definitely paid off. As a young prodigy in elementary school, he dreams of following in his father’s footsteps, a famous pianist. After he moves away from his life in the city to the countryside due to his ailing grandmother, he’s immediately teased by fellow classmates and even dared to try and play the fabled piano in the forest. It is due to this dare that he meets Ichinose Kai, a talented boy his age living in a shadier part of town who shows him the piano, and that he’s the only one who can produce sound from it. Kai’s ability garners the attention and interest of Shuuhei and their music teacher Sosuke Ajino who try to push proper piano lessons on him (as he can only play by ear). Only once he hears Sosuke play a piece by Chopin he can’t replicate by ear does Kai take interest in learning, and the story follows the friendship between the two polar opposites as they develop their skills together, ultimately learning a thing or two from each other.