These Are the Top 16 Best Psychological Anime (Best Recommendations!)

Brace yourselves!

14. Perfect Blue


Synopsis: Mima Kirigoe was part of an J-pop group called CHAM! She decides to leave the group to pursue her acting career, hoping all her fans would continue to show their loving support. However, changing careers wasn’t as easy as she thought. The first thing she decided to do was be in a crime drama series (nothing screams I’m no longer an idol like crime). As her difficulties increase, a fan who refuses to believe Mima stopped being an idol begins talking her, and even set up a detailed site to impersonate her. Adding on to that, CHAM! appears to be doing better without her, rather than falling apart and disbanding.

13. Zankyou no Terror

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Synopsis: A nuclear facility in Japan had been a target of terrorist attack. The only thing that remained was the word “VON”. The government was unable to act, and the police were having difficulties hunting down the one responsible. One thing the government and police managed to do was keep the whole thing quiet (no one wants to cause a panic), until that was ruined when a video was released. In the video, two teens who go by the name Sphinx announced they planned on causing more chaos in Tokyo. The police, and detective Kenijirou Shibazaki now have to race to find the culprits before the panic gets worse.