These Are the Top 16 Best Psychological Anime (Best Recommendations!)

Brace yourselves!

8. Danganronpa


Synopsis: Makoto Naegi was accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy, a school only accepted the most talented students. Once accepted, each student is given a title to match their main skill or ability, which in Makoto’s case would be Ultimate Luck (they accept one regular student, and they get the Ultimate Luck title). Makoto and his classmates are happy at first to be accepted into such a school, as it guaranteed a job after graduation. However, that feeling of happiness didn’t last long. Their principle Monokuma appeared, stating that they were to live the rest of their lives inside school, with no exceptions besides the loop hole. If a student murdered a classmate, and successfully got away with it, then they would be able to graduate.

7. Welcome to the N.H.K.

Best Winter 2017 Anime (Top 12 Recommendations List)


Synopsis: The story follows Tatsuhiro Satou, a college dropout who isolated himself for close to four years. Many things could be going on during isolation, such as theories. If he rarely/never leaves his house, his knowledge is limited. During his isolation, he believes there is a group causing him to be a NEET. The group is named Nihon Hikikomori Kyoukai (NHK), who he believes is trying to spread the NEET culture. Will Tatsuhiro finally be able to leave his apartment to get a job?