These Are the Top 16 Best Psychological Anime (Best Recommendations!)

Brace yourselves!

6. Ayashi no Ceres


Synopsis: Ceres was a tennyo (celestial maiden) who visited Earth to bathe. For a celestial maiden to return to the heavens, they must have their robe (which she hung on a nearby tree). A man stole her robe, and forced her to become his wife. The robe being stolen led to children with a mix of human and tennyo blood. Aya Mikage was a descendant of Ceres, and was about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. Aya and her twin brother, Aki, are sent to their grandfather’s house to celebrate. Aya, and the rest of the family, learn of the tennyo blood inside her, and try to kill her. She learned she was able to transform into Ceres herself, and has to learn to control the transformation if she ever wants life to go back to normal.

5. Gakkou Gurashi

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Synopsis: (Some spoilers) Yuki Takeya is a high school student who just so happens to love it so much. Her, along with a group of friends, started the School Living Club, where they live at school rather than returning home. The club consists of the always cheerful Yuki, the president Yuuri Wakasa, Miki Naoki, Kurumi Ebisuzawa, their teacher Megumi Sakura, and the dog Taroumaru. The club is all an illusion, as the girls have actually barricaded themselves in school to protect themselves from the zombie apocalypse. To make matters worse, Yuki Takeya is in denial over the whole thing, and the others must put on an act to make it seem like everything was okay and normal.