These Are the Top 16 Best Psychological Anime (Best Recommendations!)

Brace yourselves!

4. xxxHOLIC


Synopsis: Kimihiro Watanuki has an ability that he just hates. He has the ability to see spirits and creatures, which can be pretty annoying if no one else can see them. One day, he gets this feeling he must enter a house, where he meets Yuuko. Yuuko claims she can rid him of his ability, but there’s a price. She wants him to work at her store where they grant wishes to people. With his ability, plus a wish granting store, Kimihiro’s strange adventure starts.

3. Serial Experiments Lain

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Synopsis: Lain Iwakura received an email from Chisa Yomoda, and she wasn’t the only one. Normally it wouldn’t be strange, but Chisa recently committed suicide. Lain was also uninterested in technology, but has decided to follow the email into the Wired (basically what we call the internet). She is faced with cryptic messages, these men in black appear around her (and they seem to know more about her than she does). What is real, and what is in cyberspace? It is getting harder to tell the difference, and the bizarre events all started with a simple email.