These Are the Top 16 Best Psychological Anime (Best Recommendations!)

Brace yourselves!

2. Erased


Synopsis: Satoru Fujinuma has a strange ability he calls Revival. There are times he finds himself thrown a few minutes into the past, and he has to pick up on clues to prevent a tragedy. Someone close to him has been murdered, and due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time, Satoru is the main suspect. Rather than going back a few minutes to correct things, he is thrown eighteen years into the past. He believes the murder in the present may have been connected to the abduction-murder of his elementary classmates, Kayo Hinazuki. This storyline follows Satoru trying to make things right in the past while trying to protect his family and friends in the present.

1. Psycho-Pass

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Synopsis: The Sibyl System examines a person’s mental state to search for signs of criminal intent, which is also called their Psycho-Pass. Inspectors are the ones who enforce the law (sometimes using lethal force), along with Enforcers. Enforcers are inspectors who have become latent criminals, and use their freedom to hunt down other criminals (who else can get in the mindset of a criminal?). Joining the Inspectors is Akane Tsunemori, who has a strong sense of justice. After working with Shinya Kougami for a little bit, she learns the Sibyl System is not as perfect as the they believe. As Akane learns more information, she finds herself debating on the true meaning of justice, and if their current system can back up the true meaning.

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