Top 30 Romance Anime (#2 Will Bring You to TEARS!)

With romance anime, comes the drama, the tears, the heartbreak, and most importantly, the romance. To all the romance anime fans out there, we completely understand your need and put together a list of romantic series that you will come to love.

From series that will make you bawl like a baby, to series that will leave you wanting more from your favorite couple, to the crazy yet hilarious antics of the funniest characters, we bring to you the comprehensive 30 romance anime list that will make you believe in love once again. Be prepared for the feels train!

Top 30 Romance Anime List (BEST Recommendations!)

30. Skip Beat!

skip beat romance anime

Character Summary: A capable yet helpless girl, Kyouko Mogami, is working to her last breath, supporting her friend and crush, Shoutarou Fuwa, trying to fulfill his hopes and dreams as a rising pop icon. Upon realizing that all her hard work is taken for granted finding out she is nothing but a servant to her friend, heartbroken and distraught, she dives into the entertainment industry herself and refuses to work for anyone else anymore, so she can ensure a better future for herself. Kyouka will now face the issues involved in this industry, while trying to maintain who she is as a person.

29. Nagi no Asukara

nagi no asukara romance anime

Character Summary: Long before the people of the land and sea were separated, all humans lived beneath the sea. The ones who left the sea to live on the land lost their ability to breathe underwater, a gifted ability given to people from the sea, called “Ena.” Though the hatred between the people of the land and the sea still resonate within them, children from the sea are sent to the surface, and get their education on the land. Hikari Sakishima and his childhood friends, deal with this discrimination firsthand and realize that things need to change between the people of the land and sea. From the problems in their personal lives, to the the inequity of both people, and the catastrophy that is to strike the surface, Hikari and his friends must now face these issues head-on.

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28. Whisper of the Heart

whisper of the heart romance anime

Character Summary: Shizuku Tsukishima, an honest 14 year old girl, discovers all the books she has read from the local library have been read by the same boy, Seiji Amasawa. One day, Shizuku notices a cat sitting next to her while she’s on a train, and ends up following it to an antique shop that’s run by Nishi, a violin maker, and the grandfather of Seiji Amasawa. Seiji and Shizuku end up becoming close friends and Seiji’s dreams are revealed to Shizuku, but she is still unsure of what she wants to do herself. Shizuku is fascinated with a strange cat statuette, named “The Baron,” in their antique shop, giving her the ability to open the door to dreams she has yet to fulfill, giving her future new meaning.