Top 30 Romance Anime (#2 Will Bring You to TEARS!)

18. Welcome to the NHK

Character Summary: Tatsuhiro Satou is your average 22-year old hikkikomori, NEET and recluse. Throughout his time alone, after dropping out of college, while receiving money from his parents, he has cultivated many conspiracy theories in his mind, but the one he feels the most strongly for is the NHK, otherwise known as Nihon Hikkikomori Kyokai, who he claims is an evil entity that is trying make hikkikomoris spread like wildfire throughout the country. It is time for Satou to finally find a job but if he can’t even leave his apartment and be around people, what good is he? His fear of society is put to the test when he meets a cute girl, Misaki Nakahara, who wishes to save Satou from this treacherous path, and to turn him into an upstanding citizen of society.

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17. Spice & Wolf (Season 1 + Season 2)

Character Summary: In Spice & Wolf, we follow the traveling merchant, Kraft Lawrence, and his most-amazing negotiating partner, Holo, “The Wise Wolf of Yoitsu,” a story depicting economics and romance in a whole new light. Pasloe, is a town where they honor and cherish Holo, who is their all-powerful wolf deity, for a blessing at a yearly festival, yet as the years pass, the villagers in this town think of Holo as just another folk tale being passed down. After our traveling merchant stops by in Pasloe, he stumbles upon the Wise Wolf herself, and Holo becomes Lawrence’s new business partner and agrees to embark on a most treacherous yet fulfilling journey to take Holo to her home, the land of Yoitsu.

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16. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

toradora romance anime

Character Summary: Time and space is an unusual and tricky aspect of life. Makoto Konno finds this out for herself when she learns she is able to leap through time accidentally one day. Makoto usually spends her days engrossed in her high school life and enjoying her youth with her best friends. As she enjoys her time trips with this newfound ability, she will know soon enough what the consequences are for playing with time.