Top 12 Summer 2017 Anime (Best Recommendations)

Too hot to handle!

Summer is here, which means that the sun is out shining down on all of us. However, that also means that it is very hot outside. While it is too hot to do anything, why not check out some of the new titles of the season? Anime and air conditioning, sounds like the perfect formula to me!


Hopefully among the lineup this season will be some gems, like with Winter and Spring. If not, Fall and Winter will definitely pick up what was lacking!

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12. Owarimonogatari 2nd Season


Synopsis: The first season started off a new transfer student, Ougi Oshino, arriving at Naoetsu Private High School. Her friend, Kanbaru Suruga, introduced her to Koyomi Araragi to help with a discovery. A classroom that shouldn’t exist appeared. The characters try to find the truth behind this mysterious incident, not expecting what would happen in the classroom. The second season continues the story of these characters.

11. Koi to Uso


Synopsis: A world where lies and love are forbidden. When young people turn sixteen, the government chooses a marriage partner for them. The worries of looking for someone and worrying about if it will work out are gone, as they have faith in the government to pick a partner who will make them happy. Yukari Nejima is fifteen years old, your below average character athletically and academically. In a world where love is forbidden, what will happen to him and his passionate heart?