Top 12 Summer 2017 Anime (Best Recommendations)

Too hot to handle!

10. Ballroom e Youkoso


Synopsis: It all started when Sengoku, a professonial dancer, rescues Tatara from delinquents. Tatara visits Sengoku’s studio, where he meets Shizuku Hanada, someone he secretly idolizes at school. Sengoku notices the potential Tatara has as a dancer, and begins to coach him. Tatara meets another schoolmate through his dancing experience, Kiyoharu. Through the bonds he forms with everyone he meets, he is able to light up his desire to improve so those around him can accept him. These bonds also help the dancers around Tatara to be encouraged and overcome their challenges.

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9. Kakegurui


Synopsis: Hyakkou Private Academy is an institution with a certain curriculum. Being sons and daughters of the wealthiest people around doesn’t mean they’ll always be smart or academic. The most important thing is being able to read your opponent, what you would get out of the deal. What’s a better way than trying to read your opponent than gambling? At this academy, the students gamble against each other. The winners are like kings, while the losers are stuck in the wringer. However, these students though they knew what a high roller was. Yumeko Jabani is determined to show them what a real high roller looks like.