Best Winter 2017 Anime (Top 12 Recommendations List)

These will keep you warm!

5. Little Witch Academia

Synopsis: Atsuko Kagari is an ordinary girl who decided to test her luck Luna Nova Magical Academy. She enrolls at the academy hoping to become like her idol, Shiny Chariot. The school is nothing like she imagined it: boring lectures, extremely strict teachers, and let’s not forget the students who hate Chariot. Let’s add on that unlike the other students, Atsuko isn’t the most skilled at magic. An opportunity appears for her to prove herself to the school, but stopping a dragon isn’t the easiest thing to handle.

6. Youjo Senki

Synopsis: Tanya Degurechaff is a little girl with blonde hair, and blue eyes. Who is she, you ask? Tanya is on the front line of war, commanding her squad. She is originally known as one of Japan’s best salary-men, but she angered someone who claimed to be God. Her punishment for doing so is being reborn as a little girl who focuses on her career over anything else.