Best Winter 2017 Anime (Top 12 Recommendations List)

These will keep you warm!

11. Gabriel DropOut

Synopsis: The story line follows Angel Gabriel, who has passed her exam in heaven by taking first place. She is sent down to Earth to guide human beings to become angels. Gabriel, and the other angels, have to attend high school to achieve their goal. Unfortunately, Gabriel becomes addicted to video games, causing her to skip school often. Will her addiction lead her to self-destruction, or will she eventually come over it?

12. Chaos;Child

Synopsis: Chaos;Child is a sequel to Chaos;Head. The survivors from the previous season have continued on with their lives, but the odd killings pick up again. Not only did they start up, but they occur on the same days of the New Generation murders (and are remotely similar)! Takuru Miyashiro becomes interested in the murders, and start his investigation. Will Takuru be able to solve these string of murders, or will everything pile up into a mountain of mystery?

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