TOP 20 List of the BEST Shoujo Ai Anime (Best Recommendations)

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The SEXIEST Yuri Anime EVER (Top 20 BEST Recommendations!!)

Unfamiliar with Yuri anime? Well then, I can assure you, you have come to the right place! Yuri is a very unique and popular genre in all aspects of the anime universe and continues to thrive to this day. Over in the Western fandom, Yuri is sometimes referred to as “Shoujo-Ai.” Yuri series, or anime, are brought to animation and explores the relationships between the female main protagonists and the affectionate partners they meet along their youthful lives. Some of the first works in history on the origin of the Yuri genre are used in old Japanese literature. One of the first Yuri authors was a novelist named Nobuko Yoshiya from the Taisho and Showa periods of Japan. Nobuko was one of the first authors to bring to fruition the true nature of Yuri early on and influenced the twentieth century to start producing Yuri manga.

With that said, we have compiled a Yuri anime list from our current time and have shared them with the rest of you so you can appreciate the genre a whole lot more than you do already!

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The Top 20 Best Yuri Anime List That Will Make You Beg For MORE!


20. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san


Synopsis/Plot Summary: It was love at first sight with these two opposite girls; Nekoyama Suzu, a withdrawn girl who has an interest in dogs who gives people the impression that she’s a tsundere, and Inugami Yachiyo, who is quite a clueless, but outgoing girl that has an interest in cats. With polar opposite interests, both their lives change forever upon first contact with each other. Let’s just say, actions speak louder than words when it comes to these two girls. Aki, a friend they both hold dear, always tries to keep Inugami safe and to herself, while also ridiculing her friends when they get into some weird and crazy predicaments. Four carefree girls will ensue on fun escapades, having fun with hilarious times along the way in their youth.

19. Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl


Synopsis/Plot Summary: A gentle boy, in-touch with his feminine side, Hazumu, has very unique interests, such as, gardening, collecting herbs, and getting good ol’ fresh air while walking by the mountains, care-free and observant. One day, he confesses to his crush, Yasuna, though he is unfortunately rejected, which makes him go back to Mt. Kashimayama, where he first laid eyes on her, and he is caught up in an accident that puts things into motion from here on out. Hazumu had wished upon a shooting star and is shocked to find out his life has been unexpectedly turned upside down. Upon waking up one day, he finds himself to be transformed into a girl! Now, he returns to school and realizes his true potential and what his true calling is as the opposite sex.