TOP 20 List of the BEST Shoujo Ai Anime (Best Recommendations)

No love is forbidden!

2. Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Upon the death of her parents, Utena Tenjou, now understands the despair and cruelty of the world, but can find a gleaming light illuminating from a prince that comforts her after this life-changing event. This prince gives a ring, which contains a rose crest, to Utena, proclaiming that this will not be their last encounter and will soon meet again. Years after this event, now at Ootori Academy, Utena soon finds out there are students that are in possession of the same type of ring, and learns of a game involving individuals known as Duelists, and that they are competing to obtains the prize, the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, including the unknown and extravagant powers she possesses. Upon winning Anthy in a duel, Utena, now understands that if she wants to free Anthy and uncover the secrets that lie within the walls of her new academy, she must take this world by storm and see to it that it changes to her own will.

1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


Synopsis/Plot Summary: In a world where magical girl powers are granted to girls who want their wishes to come true, no matter what the cost, Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki are offered to fulfill a wish of their choosing. Kyuubey, an adorable creature that they save from their cold and serious classmate, the transfer student known as Homura Akemi, offers them a deal to become magical girls in order to have their wishes granted. Though the deal seems as great as Madoka and Sayaka believe it to be, Homura warns both of them, especially Madoka, to be weary of Kyuubey’s existence and of the dangerous trials and tribulations that a magical girl will face if they decide to go down that route. These girls must now make an immense decision that will change the rest of their youthful lives forever. Will they sacrifice their normal lives in order for their one wish to be granted?

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