TOP 20 List of the BEST Shoujo Ai Anime (Best Recommendations)

No love is forbidden!

16. Candy Boy: Nonchalant Talk of the Certain Twin Sisters in Daily Life


Synopsis/Plot Summary: Yukino and Kanade are two sisters who discover that love can be a very powerful entity that can push people closer to one another. Both sisters live together in the dormitory at their high school, and enjoy their youth as high school girls every day. Their fellow kouhai, Sakuya Kamiyama decides to pursue Yukino to get more closer to her. Following this, Kanade finds out about this and does not seem to like that one bit and realizing that she cares more deeply for her sister, Yukino, than she ever knew, sets out to pursue her sister for herself. Will these lovers end up having a happy ending and will Sakuya Kamiyama allow these sisters to ensue in their love or will she take the opportunity to have Yukino all to herself?

15. MariaHolic


Synopsis/Plot Summary:  Kanako Miyamae is a girl in search of someone she can fall in love with at the girls-only school, Ame no Kisaki Catholic School. Her love cannot be for a man and she vows to find a girl that is willing to be with her due to the fact she breaks into hives whenever she is close to men. Mariya Shidou is a beautiful girl, a student that attends the same school as Kanako and is really a boy dressed in woman’s clothing. Upon meeting Mariya, Kanako is faced with a predicament of blackmail. Due to her desperate attempt at making sure nobody knows she is actually a boy, Mariya blackmails Kanako upon knowing her true goal. Now, Mariya has become Kanako’s roommate in order to keep a close eye on her in order to ensure Kanako does not reveal that she is actually a boy to anyone at school. Under these circumstances, Kanako has to find true love at her all-girls school and maintain the secret for the cross-dresser, Mariya. How will Kanako find true love at her school now?