Is This The Coolest Anime Room Ever? His Collection Blew My Mind!

Is This The Coolest Anime Room You’ll Ever See? His Collection Blew My Mind!

NYOtaku (Peter) is an avid figure collector and photographer. He pretty much takes super awesome photos of figures in various environments such as this:

otakuscape_0913c9bd381bb659via nyotaku

Now I think this is the COOLEST thing ever, but what’s even cooler (okay they’re about the same in the cool area) is his awesome room! You guys have to check it out below. If my room looked like this I’d be one happy camper. 😀

Sexy Japanese Model Kiko Mizuhara (10 GIFs That Will Make You MELT!!)

1. An overview of the entire room pretty much

otakuscape_bfed32e3a75138bavia nyotaku

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2. Homura-chan, Asuna, Miku, and others (from Black Rock Shooter I think)

otakuscape_091ad0a70d497f8dvia nyotaku

3. Mikasa and Eren!

otakuscape_68bfd87844d05014via nyotaku

4. Peekaboo!

otakuscape_c44b4389f6bd2a38via nyotaku

5. Akemi on top of Madoka (how appropriate LOL)

otakuscape_6995d82146fd55abvia nyotaku