This Just Shows How Crazy Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki Was! (24 Mind Blowing Gifs)

24 Yuno Gasai Gifs from Mirai Nikki (This Anime Was INSANE!)

When most people think of Yandere, they automatically think of one cute and ruthless girl: Yuno Gasai. From stalking you, to threatening everyone around you, you’re life is pretty much done for. For some reason, a girl is finally into you, only she’s quite the blood-thirsty murderer.

Future Diary (Mirai Nikki – 未来日記 ) – Opening Theme

Say what you will, but this girl always gets the results she wants.  My only warning is that it’s not wise to get on the bad side of a girl that is quite adept to using machine guns and katanas. You’re better off smiling and going along with whatever she has planned for your futures. Good luck, and try not to get your body full of lead and stab wounds, mostly stab wounds.

1. Guess who?

Is that you, Death?

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Yuno Gasai gif 1

2. Hey babe, what’s up? I’m just hangin’.

I wish I was the ground she’s laying on.

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3. The sharingan ain’t got nothin’ on Yuno Gasai.

Yuno is the only one who will get all pretty to kill you with a smile on her face.